We're delighted to announce that The Drink Cabinet team has welcomed a brand new Creative Director, Rod Wyllie. Having raised our collective age statement by around 10 years, Rod has joined us to head up the creative team and - although it's only been a couple of weeks - I'm sure everyone at TDC would agree that he fits right in.

Growing up, Rod's parents were teachers, and his dad was also an artist - making creativity a big part of his upbringing. He graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1997 with a degree in Graphic Design, before going on to work in a number of different Scottish design agencies - with roles in graphic and conceptual design, art direction, and studio and account management. Having spent the last fifteen years working specifically with drinks brands, there's no doubt that he'll get on just fine here.

We thought that it was probably best to let Rod introduce himself, so we threw him a couple of good old generic introductory questions...

Rod, tell us a bit about your upbringing, and why you decided to study Graphic Design?

"My dad was a real inspiration for me throughout my formative years. As a child he encouraged me to draw, paint and build things but also got me to constantly look and observe and appreciate things like composition, perspective, alignment etc. I was never without a pad or wee book, and was constantly drawing and sketching whatever I felt interested me.

...My dad's expertise in education obviously gave him an advantage to build on my skills and interests, and by my being constantly exposed to fine art and design in my day-to-day life, from an early age, this gave me an open mind and taught me to accept every individual's creativity and perception of creativity.

As I approached the end of my school days, my artistic drive was for illustration and my original plan at art school was to study this. However, I soon realised that perhaps I was more interested in the problem-solving, commercial aspect of design, which encouraged me to change my course into graphics after first year."

What do you enjoy about your job?

"I enjoy the diversity of my job. Every day brings new challenges and it's these challenges that I thrive on. I most enjoy interacting and working with clients to really understand what they need, or are trying to achieve.

I suppose, aside from having a genuine love of design and craft, I really enjoy working with people to get the best solution for them."

What are you looking forward to in working at The Drink Cabinet?

"At TDC I'm looking forward to working with dynamic clients and projects, building on relationships and with the multi-disciplinary team, being able to produce effective solutions. Having worked with Andy before I'm really enjoying collaborating with him again, and realising ideas and concepts, together with him and the greater team. The fresh, 'can do' positive attitude of the team here excites me!"

An interesting fact about yourself?

"Outwith work, I have a passionate interest in music, film and art, although most of my time at the cinema is spent with my family... I do love travelling as well, and exploring new places and cultures."

Thanks, Rod!
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